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Why gymnastics is awesome for every type of Mr Men and Little Miss!

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Mr Bump or Little Miss Whoops - Do you have a child who seems to be prone to tripping, falling or just a little bit clumsy? Gymnastics is so great for developing and increasing gross motor and proprioception skills to help kids with their general co-ordination! But not only that, at Eclipse, we have a big emphasis on safe landings which can help avoid injuries that might land you in the emergency room.

Little Miss Shy or Mr Quiet - we understand some kids prefer to take a more cautious approach to new activities which is absolutely fine with us! We have a bunch of wonderful coaches who will take the time to understand what they are nervous about and find ways to help them feel most comfortable about giving gymnastics a go.

“(My child) is a very quiet child and has problems with her speech but after yesterdays class she has not stopped talking. I think she has relived every single moment of the 1 hour session over and over again. You have achieved in one hour what speech pathologist have been trying to do for months. What a wonderful program and what wonderful teachers.”

Gymnastics can give shy or quiet kids such a confidence boost when they learn or master a new skill they never thought they could. It’s such an amazing thing to see what kids are capable of when given the opportunity to thrive.

“(My daughters) sensory protectiveness was so severe when she started that she could not even contemplate being swung into the air or lifted quickly, or spun around, and she would never countenance being on a swing or a slide, let alone climbing anything! Now she loves these activities, and has become confident and sometimes even daring. Your program, and even more your patience in giving her the time to explore these things at her own pace, and never pushing her when she is not ready, have been such a large part of her progress.”

Little Miss or Mr Curious - gymnastics will certainly challenge an inquisitive mind! With so many ways to move and always something different to learn, young minds are certainly kept busy. There are also lots of different surfaces and textures around the gym which might not be found out and about which can be fantastic to help children with sensory processing issues.

Little Miss Somersault or Mr Topsy-Turvy - “My child is always upside down!” is possibly one of the most common reasons for parents seeking out gymnastics for their child. Giving kids an environment where they are not only allowed, but encouraged, to be upside down and spinning around may give them the outlet they need to stop using the bed as a trampoline - no promises though!

And even if gymnastics can’t stop the feet marks up the wall or the couch cushions being used as landing mats, at Eclipse, we can at least teach kids how to cartwheel, handstand and all the other things they love in a safe way to avoid them causing injury to themselves. (Also read about how your child may need more proprioception stimulation.)

Little Miss Trouble or Mr Mischief - at Eclipse, listening and following instructions and rules are a number one priority for keeping everyone safe and having an awesome time. We make sure kids are able to have fun, be a bit crazy and explore all the awesome things they can are capable of, but set boundaries so that they learn about what is and isn’t appropriate behaviour. Gymnastics is a fabulous tool for teaching the difference between safe and unsafe risk taking which is so important for kids not only in the gym environment but though to help keep them safe through other life activities.

Little Miss Scatterbrain or Mr Forgetful - ask your child to put their shoes at the front door and now it’s anyones guess as to where they are? It might seem unlikely but gymnastics can help with that! Maybe not actually finding the missing shoes but there is plenty of research that suggests physical exercise helps boost brain function, and in turn, memory!

During a one hour gymnastics class, kids are constantly activating their pre-frontal cortex which organises mental and physical activity. At Eclipse, we run our classes four activities at a time for 10 minutes, before moving to a new four - so you can imagine how those brains are working though that hour! Having to remember not only the activities but how to do them correctly - which foot to use in a cartwheel, how to position their hands in a handstand, which colour mat to put their feet on and so on. It’s incredible to see the difference in some children who would struggle to remember two activities when they first start to being able to make it through the full session with ease within a few months!

Find a perfect class for your Little Miss or Mr now - or

And until next time, Happy Handstanding!

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