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COVID-19 Update 3 - March 19th, 2020

Dear Parents,

We understand that there is a lot of worry, confusion and many questions at the moment about whether or not to stay at home or go about our normal lives. There are definitely some changes and decisions about things that we have all had to make. Eclipse Gymnastics will remain open and continue to run classes taking as many precautionary measures as we can. Please refer to previous emails or our website outlining the precautions we have put in place.

“Exercise & Sports Science Australia reminds all Australians that exercise remains as important as ever to keep our population healthy, given that exercise can support our immune systems and mental health:”

“The Australian Institute of Sport advises that “the risk of becoming unwell with COVID-19 without a history of international travel in the last 14 days or contact with a known case of COVID-19 is low. Exercise and participation in sport remains an important part of physical and mental health for everyone. For those who are well, they should continue to be active by engaging in exercise and playing sport.”

"Sport and Recreation Victoria has reiterated that community and grassroots sport and active recreation can continue under the state of emergency declaration where they do not constitute a mass gathering (i.e. are fewer than 500 people at a time in a space outdoors or 100 people indoors).”

The maximum number of people in the gym at Eclipse at any one time, if everyone is at their class and including staff, is 80 in total. This is based on the busiest hour of the week so most times the numbers are well under 80 and currently we have many gymnasts away which also reduces the number. It is possible during a busy hour to have up to 40 people in the spectator area so we are asking that parents please drop and go or wait in the car during the class to limit the number of people in the spectator room. The chairs are wiped down with disinfectant between classes and we have removed the toy box and books for the time being.

To try and limit the number of people in the foyer during the change over of classes we will be starting the classes listed below 5 minutes later than normal and we ask that everyone exits the gym as quickly as possible after their class and not come in too early. If gymnasts are dropped off early or come to gym via public transport they must come into the gym as we don’t want gymnasts waiting outside unsupervised.

Please note the following start time changes for classes as of Saturday, March 21st:

All kindergym classes will start at the normal time.

All 4pm classes will start at the normal time.

All 4.30pm classes will start at the normal time.

All 5pm classes will start at 5.05pm.

All 5.10pm classes will start at 5.15pm.

All 6pm classes will start at 6.05pm.

All 6.30pm classes will start at the normal time.

All 7pm classes will start at 7.05pm.

Saturday 9am classes will start at the normal time.

All Saturday 10am classes will start at 10.05am.

All Saturday 11am classes will start at 11.05am.

All classes will still finish at the usual time.

We recognise that not everyone is comfortable taking their children to their regular activities at the moment but we will remain open for those who are still happy to come to classes.

If you are not comfortable bringing your child to classes at the moment the options are outlined below.

You can give 2 weeks notice and withdraw completely from classes and if you return later in the year you can use those classes as make ups. (Our normal policy is that once you have withdrawn from classes you cannot use them as make ups after the date of your final class.)

If you don’t want to withdraw completely but just stay away for a few weeks we will suspend 2 of those classes for you and you can organise make up classes for the rest. (Our normal policy is that we don’t suspend classes at all.)

We will carry over make up classes for any sessions missed between March 16th and June 30th that you have not been able to fit in this year to 2021 providing you have rejoined for the new year and are up to date with registration fees. (Normally our policy is that make up classes do not carry over to the new year.)

In the event that we have to close down for a period of time all fee payments will be put on hold or credited during that time instead of make up classes being offered. We thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. We hope that the precautions we are putting in place will allow us to remain open so that the kids can still enjoy a fun activity, burn off some energy and have some normalcy in their lives to help with their physical and mental well being during this difficult time. We will keep you informed of any changes as they arise, via email and also on our website. Take care of yourselves and your families and if there is anything we can do to help or if you have any questions please let us know.

For current, updated information please see for information about prevention, treatment, and current government measures to address the situation.

A key preventative measure is to maintain good personal hygiene habits such as hand-washing and covering coughs or sneezes; further guidance is available at the links above or via the World Health Organization at

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