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National Clubs Carnival - Day 5 Wrap

Day 5 - Sunday, September 29th

We can’t believe our National Clubs trip has already come to an end! We finished our week off with our Level 10’s competing in their Day 2 competition altogether which was heaps of fun. The girls made some great improvements from Day 1 and showed the most amazing sportsmanship towards gymnasts from other clubs. We then enjoyed some shopping and time on the beach before heading home on a late flight for some well deserved sleep!

Read what our girls thought of our final day on our National Clubs trip.

“Hey, yo! It’s Sunday - home time! Today was an exciting day as we competed, shopped, at ice cream, played on the beach, ate fish and chips and then still have to fly home. I’m not wanting to come home because I’ve loved this trip so much!” - Bella F

“Today we all got to compete in the same session which was fun. After that, we went to Harbour Town Shopping Centre and McDonalds. On this trip, I really enjoyed Movie World and watching the other Level 10’s compete.” - Sabine D

“This morning we all competed in the first session, then we went shopping at Harbour Town. We then had to say goodbye to some of the girls and then we went to the beach and had fish and chips for dinner. I’ve loved being away with all my gym friends and have had the best time ever!” - Naomi P

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