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National Clubs Carnival - Day 4 Wrap

Day 4 - Saturday, September 28th

Even though Day 4 was our busiest day of National Clubs, heaps of fun was still had! We had 12 girls compete in the Level 10 competition (with some competing at a higher level than they normally do) and they all killed it! Heaps of stuck landings, pointed toes and big smiles - we even managed to keep a sneaky eye on the Grand Final score! After some post-competition fun in the pool, mini pizzas were on the menu for dinner and were definitely a hit. Some cake was in order as we celebrated Amber's 14th birthday and then an early night as we prepare for Day 2 competition tomorrow.

Check out what our girls thought of our busiest National Clubs day yet!

"Today all of us competed. It was a really good experience watching girls in higher levels and trying out apparatus warm up in another gym." - Hannah W

"It was really fun competing in a new environment and being able to watch and encourage everyone else during their routines. We also got to celebrate Amber's birthday!" - Jacque M

"Yo, hey! It's Saturday! It was really fun to compete in a relaxed environment and with teammates cheering us on. I also really enjoyed cheering on and supporting my teammates as it was a really cool atmosphere. A big happy birthday to Amber who's birthday with celebrated today!" Jasmyn H

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