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National Clubs Carnival - Day 3 Wrap

Day 3 - Friday, September 27th

Today our Level 5’s finished their first National Clubs with a super strong Day 2 competition, hitting 11 out of 12 landings throughout the competition. We then had to say goodbye to Kaia, Arwen and Tori as they fly home to compete at the Metro East Regional Championships on Saturday and Sunday - what a weekend for our Level 5’s! Our Level 10’s had one last training session at Gold Coast Gymnastics to put the final touches on their routines before their Day 1 of competition tomorrow.

See what the girls had to say about Day 3!

“Today was an awesome day with the whole team (where lots of fun was had and many Disney songs were sung) as we prepared for our busy, but exciting, first day of competition tomorrow. We also got a chance to have a little play on the fun and different equipment at Gold Coast Gymnastics Centre which was a reminder of why we love this sport!” - Ella W

“Today we had an amazing day. We watched Kaia and Arwen compete, then went to train for the comp tomorrow. It was a very big gym and it was soo good!” - Amber B

“Today we trained at an amazing gym. It was very big and had some cool equipment. We also got to watch Kaia and Arwen compete and they did awesome!” - Montana J

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