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The Magic in Gymnastics - Magical Lands Theme Week

“Children see the magic in everything because they look for it.”

Our special theme weeks are truely incredible because we get to see the kids unleash their creativity and let their imagination run wild. This week we’re taking a magical journey through four Magical Lands in our Kindergym classes - Disney Land, Wobbly Land, Rainbow Land and Fairy Land.

Why do we run theme weeks?

“Play is the highest form of research” - Albert Einstein

In our Kindergym program, we strive to help kids develop physically as well as mentally and socially which is why we love our theme weeks! The activities we run in these weeks help promote imaginative and creative play which benefits children in a number of ways...

  1. Problem solving and sharing - When kids build a foam tower with different shaped blocks, the learn basic problem solving skills as they work out which blocks will balance on top of each other. Kids also learn how to co-operate and share with others if a block they would like to use is being used by someone else.

  2. Language and social skills - By introducing kids to different ‘worlds’ through our theme weeks, they get to use and learn words they might not have known before. During these weeks, we find that the kids interact together in different ways as they act and play out different make believe scenes based on the theme.

  3. Fine motor skill development - We like to use pieces of material as ‘washing’ to peg onto the ‘washing line’. This can help with grip strength and hand/eye co-ordination which is super important for handwriting (they might even develop a love for helping with the washing at home!). Other activities we do such as nursing an animal back to health by wrapping them in blankets or threading beads onto string all help kids with bigger things in life such as dressing themselves or tying shoelaces.

But don’t worry, we do plenty of practice of rolling, swinging, jumping and all the other gymnastics things the kids love to do!

Let us help your child to develop these skills through a fun, safe environment at Eclipse - find the perfect class for your child here.

And until next time, Happy Handstanding!

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