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National Clubs Carnival - Day 1 & 2 Wrap

Day 1 - Wednesday, September 25th

We’ve had a big start to our National Clubs trip! Our day consisted of a plane ride to the sunny Gold Coast, an awesome day at Movie World, checking into our cabins, some pretty intense card games before a yummy chicken and salad dinner.

Read what some of our girls thought about our first day!

“At Movie World, my favourite ride was the Scooby Doo roller coaster because I had never been on it before. I am excited for our competition and to have a swim in the pool at the place we are staying at!” - Emily W

“My favourite ride at Movie World was the Arkham Asylum because it was my first time on it. I’m looking forward to training in a new gym this week because I think it will be nice for the team to train in a different environment.” - Sienna F

“Usually my ears pop every time I go on a plane and they didn’t pop at all (yay)! I enjoyed Movie World because the Scooby Doo ride was really fun and it was good to spend the day with the team outside the gym.” - Kiralee B

Day 2 - Thursday, September 26th

Our second day saw our Level 5 gymnasts, Kaia & Arwen, compete in their Day 1 competition. They did such a wonderful job and were super excited to compete at such a big competition. After a mini training session, lots of fun was had by the pool.

Read what our girls thought of National Clubs - Day 2!

“Today was really fun. We had the Level 5 comp and then we swam after it - it was super fun. I’m excited for tomorrow because we get to compete again.” - Kaia W

“I had lots of fun today as Kaia and I competed. We both did very well. I loved having all the girls cheering for us. After the comp we went in the freezing cold pool!” - Arwen H

“Today was really fun because I got to watch Kaia and Arwen compete. They did amazing. I loved hanging out with all the girls at the pool. I am excited to train tomorrow as we will be competing the next day - even though I have to get up really early on Saturday!” - Mia C

“I am really grateful for this opportunity because I went to Tassie with gym in 2012 and it is one of the most amazing memories I have. I’m very excited for everyone be together on a trip again to be able to make heaps more memories together.” - Caeley M

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